C-real kick-starts 2017 with ‘Survival’ , a tune that features the talented Worlasi. Production credit goes to Kay Nie. Take a listen , comment and SHARE .

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C-Real ft Worlasi – Survival (Prod By Kay Nie)

LYRICS : C-Real ft Worlasi – Survival (Prod By Kay Nie)


I’m back like I’m picking up luggage
Accra be my home & I love it
All our treasures are buried in rubbish
So we keep hustling, looking for nuggets
We’ve got youth on the streets mean mugging
You could say our demeanor is rugged
Some go hate cos its hard to show love here
Cos our egos are weak and they love fear
So we choose to retreat when the love nears
But we love God, that’s the biggest drug here
And these Pastors they’re the biggest thugs here
Amen’s what I say to the cashier

Then she pass me my cash

I don’t count,
I just feel on the bag

Cos if you know money chale, you go know money
You go suffer on the streets with no money chale
This is life in Accra…just normally chale

Yeah Chale…naa…I for cool down.
Cos the voice in my head’s just getting too loud

I need to think for a minute

Cos the city that I live in is vivid
Only the politicians are commited
The privileged are the only ones admitted
Police exists but crime are permitted…
These are the facts that the news keeps omitting
These are the tracks that I lay in my writtens
So I would appreciate if you would
Take the time and attention to open your mind and listen.

This is my vision whenever I close my eyes
That we would unite, kill pride; reach for the skies

The Black Star bringing the light to the night


Worlasi (Chorus)

Oooo ey. (Chant)

Man for eat
Man for chop nigha
Oooo ey. (Chant)

So boys make wild like dat
Oooo ey. (Chant)

Man for eat
Man for chop nigha
Oooo ey. (Chant)


E no easy for here
It’s safe to say there’s a reason to fear
Close your eyes and your vision will clear
Imagine if we would rise and build with our peers

What if your success didn’t cost much stress?
And your love just made you hate much less?
Would you trust more or entrust less?
To the people you claim that you love best.

You see we talk too much, and we act less
That’s why the whole place is in a dam mess

Cos I lie to you, cos you lied to me
I hustle and cheat, for a chance to eat
Even the vegetarians get beef, with peeps
And always about the Gees.

Money Cash Hoes
The things we de chase
God know
Say more no dey hia

Phone nti na boys akor bor busua
Onbua’ bua anu 3nfa nkor bua n’abusua
U tu ni fu’a )b3 ka s3 3nua na O hia
As3m wei dier m3 ka nu tia

See we all dey hung
But if we dey steal from ourselves
Tell me, who go survive?

We sell all the truths
And now we live with the lies
Because we need to survive.