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Ghanaian Rapper Bryan The Mensah has released a new song titled FIRESIDE. According to Bryan The Mensah , he never got the chance to go to camp when he was little.

” I’m sure most of you told your imaginary stories when they gave you the chance. Well this is my fireside.” 

Fireside was dropped to back the release of his  New merchandise. The Merch which has the inscription “ Me Ho Twa Wallabow You ?” basically means “ I am beautiful What about You ?”.

Me Ho Twa Wallabow You cap

Wallabow You being added to this phrase can only draw our minds back to one of his song titles on his Friends with the Sun Ep and wonder what’s next on the line but until then, Bryan has us bye the #Fireside to tell us tales from his childhood. 

Me Ho Twa Wallabow You flyer Me Ho Twa Wallabow You cap