There is beauty in diversity and this is what the viewers and listeners in East and Southern Africa, and indeed across the continent should expect to enjoy in One More Touch, a new single by Malawi’s superstar ‘Tay Grin’ and Uganda’s Music Legend ‘Bebe Cool’.

The new single is a celebration of diversity, creativity, class and of course shared common philosophy by the two artists eyeing to expand the market for their music and ‘One More Touch’ is such a perfect opportunity.
Tay Grin said: “Bebe Cool is someone I have looked up to and admired musically. Getting to know him has proven we are like minded and very serious about our music. We share common philosophy. I enjoyed working on this song with Bebe Cool and I can’t wait for the fans to listen to the song and watch the video.”

Appreciating his fellow artist’s talent, Bebe Cool is equally impressed with the new single and video.
“Tay Grin is a big hip-hop star not only in Malawi but Africa as well. I was amazed by his dynamism in blending the Afro beat sound on this sweet melodious single. No matter the genre, music is universal in every sense,” he said.