Barima Pages is back like he never left, as he outdoors his latest single “One Mic” mixed by itzCJ.

[1st verse]
All I need is one mic, one chance, one shot to blow
This music game is deep betchu you already know
One time, you’re the shit and then no one knows you
Life is fuzzy like the matrix
But I feel I’m the one; Neo
Won’t give up. I’ll face the gun than rather run
Gotta speed up if I wanna be like Big Pun
Drop verses for real homies and top dougs
Touch lives with songs and kill these wack cats
I’m still learning tho I got a long way to go
Praying for that one day when everything will be okay
When I’ll be the greatest and the pretty girls come my way
When I have my way
And never care about what
People say
I’m gon blow but need a catalyst for this reaction
Know I’m gonna glow but really need some motivation
I really know it but damn this is an awful nation
System can’t guarantee a job; such an abomination!

You spend all your time in school just tryna be free
4 years of fees for a flipping degree
To top it off you do service cos it’s a decree
And then you sit at home for years
And then enjoy the flipping misery
It’s such a shame!
The youth are in so much pain
Leaders trick us for their gain
Like our future is a game
It’s so insane but I try to keep my cool
Cos I really believe that I can
Achieve my dreams
If I have one mic!
All I need is one mic
If you can gimme one mic
You’ll be surprised what I could do
All I need is one mic

[2nd verse]
All I need is one mic, one chance, one shot to blow
But to make it in Ghana is more about who you know
It’s a monopoly
A sad music industry
The people for the top chop the money
Take get pot belly
GMAs; sometimes I just dey shock
But, I be up and coming so I no go fit talk?
The criteria is really very questionable
Sometimes it baffles me
To see some people in a category
Real heads attest and they agree wimme
Truly we tired of celebrating mediocrity
Real emcees deserve awards and instead, they give em to some dummies
I swear e just dey bore me!
See I focus too much on what the problems be
I’m just tryna get a better life and be a proper me
Make my family happy and
Make my father proud of me
Let the world know that I’m a G and I’m a prodigy
Lyrically, nobody coming close to me
Punches in the booth got me feeling like I’m Ali
I seriously and deeply believe that I can be the world’s greatest
But all I need is one mic
All I need is one mic
Just gimme one mic!
And I’ll make it happen
All I need is one mic

[3rd verse]
I’m standing in my 4 cornered room
Writing these bars
Going loco
Thinking bout how far I’ve come
How long it’s been
Since I set out on this journey

Some people quit but not me
Though haters try to mock me
I’ll keep on doing this
Spitting bars from the heart B
Heading to the top it’s my time
Homie watch me
Watch me do me
No Masturbation
I’ll kill my way straight to the top
No hesitation
I’m an anomaly
Normally I don’t say this
But I gotta brag
I got a bag o’ vocabulary
I got a way (away) with words
Like it’s a burglary
People digging me
Bars deadly: cemetery!
Yeah fear me
When you see me
Don’t come near me
PSA to the lame cats
Hear clearly
I’ll be the best in the game
They’ll be screaming my name
Till then
All I need is one mic!

All I need is one mic
Yeah, yeah
All I need is one mic
If you can gimme that mic!
I’ll make you proud
All I need is one mic
Ugh ugh

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