Surely, it’s more than apparent now that he is too unusual to predict by fans and even naysayers if there be any. After ‘Prayer’ and ‘Mokole’, maybe it would not be too much of a reach to have another uplifting song from Ayisi, fondly known as ‘’Bra Ayisi’’ sometimes by fans.

Well, he did something quite unexpected now and gave us an Afrobeat rendition tape of just five of our favorite Christmas carols and boy, everyone must hear this tape. Titled ‘’An Afro Christmas’’ and produced by Groovy, the tape not only is danceable to but is also such a classy Ghanaian if not African production and as expected, a heart-warming performance from Ayisi himself.

‘’Christmas has always brought a cathartic moment with it and even though I wasn’t much of a ‘carols’ person growing up, I wanted to somewhat capture these songs in an Afrobeat version and hope people would warm up to it. I had fun recording them and learning the correct lyrics to them also lol. I just wanted to give the people something to celebrate the times with and instead of a single of mine, I decided to go through with a tape of carols, Afrobeat carols. Hence, An Afro Christmas. Please enjoy’’, expresses Ayisi.

For this season and many more to come God willing, we at least hope he would do more than five of these carols for the festive seasons as some would argue that just five aren’t enough lol. We’ll take anything we can get from Ayisi for now, An Afro Christmas, enjoy!

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