Ghanaian hip hop act , Aminu , is out with a brand new single ‘The Lord is My Witness‘ . The single which features Lartey on the hook and is produced by Ball J Beat ,  sees Aminu spit bars flawlessly . Stream and SHARE. 



Verse 1 (Aminu)

We learn by pain every second every minute count,

Score board reset and pretense results too back to reset,

reassure hip-pop lovers It’s my literature n it’s hot

The beat that bang get them off their seats to their feet and then

The hard I punch, the further the kick bounce around

So sit back lemme spit it wet and make her bounce hard

let me strangle it with my rhymes When I hit it

They can’t snitch a Nigga with the mind like an ocean

their eyes on my riches, modern day witches

They hissing, they dissing when I face em, hol it back in

But as soon as blessings reflect they tryna cave a way in

But I do this for my hommies, kept an eye while am blazzing

Been Working hard to lift my life with rhymes and bars

took a glance in the game and it’s vicious so far

kept it ferocious my game ,drop it hard the tsar

yet burst for my name, so my game do the talking.

Chorus (dicky) 2X

we try so hard to make it, it’s all about survival,

we goner keep on surviving, it’s all about survival


verse 2 (Aminu)

Am grading chances and Changing stances in a move

to enhanced my game, upgrade then advance my finances

Taking no nonsense cus thugging-out is my essence

Ready to expand till Reminiscent to ramesses

fullfill my dreams and uphold all my promises

But then my nemesis cornering me on my precipice

Give me a list of niggas tryna toast my name

i burst them in the mouth with rhymes they can’t degrade

Knowledge for trees and weeds just like an herbalist

and I start my mind am deemed as an arsonist

spit this magnitude 12 and ,that’s ill

Till I own the way like turks do in the black sea

set my nets, n I pray hard to attract lotta fishes

Soon as am cashing,they cognizant on my riches

Tenacious like leaches and tryna fish mine in inches

They try to force my gun to speak I set my ratios

I setout be a king and rule like Odysseus

Dropping bangers and traveling the globe to slay show

My spit is cancer am indicted wanted for felony

When I hit it hard they gone require chemotherapy

construct rhymes and put em in multiple melodies

Without a dime am spitting past the authority

Forgive me am just a king without a clear sight

Set the conditions pound for pound I rhyme thight

the Tree’s got mi hallucinating , am already illuminating

Advocating the game in my mind that I be Dictating

Am Here screw the game like lady with plans to conceive

let her carry my genes all the way to tell aviv

Already in , if she sleeps with her thighs shut thight

Touch the game with psych am known to rhyme wise


Chorus (Dicky) 3x


we try so hard to make it, it’s all about survival,
we goner keep on surviving,it’s all about survival (It’s Amin)


verse (Dicky)2x


i try so hard,i really wanna make it work,so many things wanna pull me back, but am still goner survive, (am goner survive)

every day and night every effort that i put in work,am really gonna get there, The Lord is my witness, (my witness)


Verse 3


My lyrical Avenue is far dangerous to venture

I am a centaur only in this classical rap adventure

My lyrical profess is far fetched like a meteor

grown the balls to create the center for rap n lecture

monitor bar n rhyme n avoid conjectures

I’ve got a bachelor for rap so I rhyme with architecture

Vocals on fire am spearheading for my prefecture

when I lift a kalam I drop it hotter like SS Satan

and Save my strength and hit u like a standard missle

Picture me vivid am marked with Versace

Fully informed, I inspire the next hitachi

This is a thug slang, sleek just like the dogg pound,

Call off the blood hound ,n put ears to God sound

will be buzzing around town till you feel it all around

My sound spell out my fiend it’s profound ask around

deliver it safe and style onboard the seeding ground

touch down, be wild and store couple of pounds you earn

Learn life everyday with rhymes we choose to swerve

Blast out and fold pounds until my whole town roll out

Polyglot with rhymes and make the whole world show love

The pragmatic approach in the game to rap massive,

earned the game with Gods, to the basic tactics

It’s tragic, the rabbit must flee to avoid horror

The Marsh king when the pride approach, here comes terror

My tactics is always strike and win with less error n preach clearer

and in my mind just a nigga tryna reach further

All smiles but extreme like the propane,

bring a light n I’ll blow the roof with no shame

Spit like sky and flight n it’s like weed and high

And let your mind take you high to descend on your path

Shame the death for trials with me but then I’ll pass

am smooth in the booth and my lines thight they never lose

Open your eyes and witness bloom of every ghetto youth

Bigger I get ,the bigger the pain it’s like stages

upgrading it self n meant to test my strong fate

But I turn to Allah cus he soothe my pain

N turn he bless my way

And change my gears on this path I take

Will is to clock paper till mama sleeping on chinchilla

in the game to fly we linkup with big fellas

The big dadas those that account with big dollars

It’s true the money made my path cross with evil

Am trying to avoid the devil ,understand that am praggish

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