Aminu hops on Sarkodie’s ‘Bibiiba Challenge’ and drops a fire version. Check it out and do not forget to SHARE.



Verse 1

My state of mind heavenly elivated

When i burst rhymes wreck beats n mind stated

I flow divine my spits get weighted

Prey beats ,won’t get off i won’t be faded

Go hard or go home but I come waited

Am not leaving the building without payday

Mixture of light n fire , lips outweigh them

If you can’t fan the flame then lemme bring game

Proclaim in verity,my lines drop with clerity

Designed for recking,my minds is always effective

Weaving infective lines bars magestic

Destructive my rhymes fly ballistic

Solution Spraying prophetic flames in mystics

Am gifted so Y’all can’t resist this

Hermetic flow persistant, with God’s spirits

whenever I swerve its clear, i only display flair

So stay clear n beaware my spit sticks

Abound in merits when i rhyme its authentic

Ripe in bi realms, wisdom flow I learn quick

They partying, am astral traveling with

mind tangling

exploring higher dimensions, mystery unraveling

african paladin with thoughts,love is medicine

Am learning balancing before i spear like javelin

Passion for fortune in large proportions

The many Questions ask often turn to options

I defend my portion with every step precautions

This street is toxin , but i rhyme with torsion

Scripting refined punchlines with pepper spray n is design

To Set minds from evil ways , reset the dial

I step in faithful pace, inbound with God’s Grace

Attracting abundance overflowing score shows

Offload my payload , right on spot it explode

verse 2

Set mind open,i also keep an open eye

Clear omen, woken ,am kept in motion

Signs in the sky is teling me that I can fly

Urge by microphone, bode of what they wanna buy

Sailing success straight up, without doubt

Am chasing bread with cream,so my flow stands to flez mussle

it pierce like spear ,severe so stay clear

Demand props,my ironed lips In

golden thoughts

prosperous in generous thoughts,in time I get across

Am an astronaut with mind wondering like an albatross

i stand enforced set up on a rightful course

am the vital force endorsed by the higher source

time is aligning wisdom n bliss am expanding

Its written in the stars , its about time that am shining

respect on these streets like i been in the game for years

Contriteness with pain but Allah dried my tears

The times now, I flow by the one upstairs

I fly like a guided missile,Am headed for success

number one come forth to show my full extent

Align with Allahs will n stand with his full consent

Advent of truth, i wreck it hundred percent

Angel’s prostates and sing praises, and are called to battle

it unfold in tenfolds as i pen my struggle

I Light a myte ,lay back and let it blow n dazzle

Verse 3

Money madness More finesse
Born greatness ,when I step to it,excellence
Its pure talent ,my lines cement n rhymes ascend
its relevance I bring clear evidence
Adrenaline flow bestowed by his beneficent
I breath steam ,buh got the heart for Patience
I flow clean n spring life from dead earth
This isn’t a contest , no one match my bomb words
Its birth of the precious pearl , I breath wealth
When I smash beats , this hulk smashing non stop
I bring reason you can’t kill me ,I flow hot
When I pull a gat I keep Spraying hot thoughts , multiple gun shots burst
To the guts ,i won’t stop, see lotta mouths, I just got to shut
God’s speaks, if we listen between the lines,
stay put when i flow beyond their mind
Hand stiched ,am getting my lines pitched ,
I rhyme sick until the whole place collapse like an earthquake
Am scripting bold devine gold , from accra to bourdex, who rhymes combine flows
In every evil lovers hearts , I let my flow sink cold
Feel the power of God, my flow can scold
devine light in plain sight, throughout these dark nights ,
I’ve learnt to held tight n rhyme right
I swerve like vylkrie ,n its my time to shine bright
Retain my sense of focus, vocal is just a bonus,
If you wanna dethrone me ? This ain’t zeus n Cronus
Its dark moses ,stipping rhymes in high doses
decode brains and beats with high explosives
the genesis, When I flow the lord knows
Being the one is like being in love, u just know
i stand imposed n am devote to Allah alone.

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