RuffTown Records is proud to announce the signing of their first male artist, Baba Tundey. Touted as one of the voices of the future, he recently made waves in the industry, capturing the imagination of fans with ‘Anastasia.’ The sensational hit featured Asakaa rapper Jay Bahd and is a strong show of the crooner’s potential heading into the future.

Profile picture of Baba Tundey. Images features Baba Tundey in a shiny dark red hooded jacket gazes thoughtfully while holding their hand up, adorned with multiple rings. The background is a muted pinkish shade.

The label announced Baba Tundey with a music video for his well-received single, ‘Last Born (Remix)’ featuring Holyrina. The CEO of Rufftown Records took to Instagram to share news of his latest signing, and fan reception has been stellar so far.

“I am happy to be part of this great label,” Baba Tundey shared. “We all know what RuffTown Records can do, and as a young talent, I need to expand my reach and work with some great producers and artists. I am excited about the future, and I thank God for this opportunity. Baba Tundey is about to serve you with nothing but good music. Stay with me on this journey.”

A person with short blonde hair and an orange shirt is pointing both index fingers upwards, with a serious expression on their face. . Baba Tundey officially signs to RuffTown Records

Born David Tofik and popularly known as “Maame Alata Last Born” by the streets, Baba Tundey is a fast-rising artist with Ghanaian and Nigerian roots. His music is a fusion of Hiplife and Afrobeats, a style that has put him on the cusp of stardom since his 2023 debut single, ‘Talent Never Dies.’

RuffTown Records is a Ghanaian record label founded in 2015 by Ricky Nana Aygeman, aka Bullet.

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