Official music video by Wanlov the Kubolor, performing ‘Lies’.




Everybody come here come lie us
Say we have to vote for him
When we vote for him she do nice things for us
When we give the person our vote see now
The people dey sack us

Ghana be property of China, India and Lebanon
The queen of England, unilever and numont
Gold coast ocean waves louder coz of plastic
Bags of trash rustling in the seas armpit
Takoradi girls missing
Kumasi girls found
PDS story no shock me
Wana currency no sound
One president be teef
The other one be junkie
We dey swing between dema parties
Like horny zombie monkeys
We know say dem dey lie
But wot we go fit do?
Just wait for wana turn
What did Kofi do?
Soon as he get the power
E start dey make excuse
Giv me time mek I krɔkrɔ dem small
Change dema mind
Buy the time, e realise
E sell e spine
No corrupt system was ever fixed from within
This no be small infection e b full gangrene
Amputate, decapitate, burn
These parasites already get dema chance to learn
Me seff I be guilty
I bribe koti before
But now all dem dey get from me be ots3 tufle
Mek I rhyme am mek e jorm u k3k3
Choppin atiɛkɛ
Yor tilapia make sokyii
Yor moff make pɛtsɛpɛstɛ
Dey start dey kidnap journalist
For twitter dey wan booga we
If we dey turn dictatorship
Giv we president Kagame

Any president come
E dey messop with us
Dem take us like cocks
Dem take us like fowls
I wonder

No b wana fault
Dey raise we weak minded and stupid
Lie we say devil black mek we love white cupid
Dat b y we dey bleach
Dat b y we dey perm
Dat b y we dey tear aboi since mek we go learn
Read Ayi Kwei Armah
Read Fanon
Read Toni
Read Nnedi Okorafor
Read Ama
But don’t read only
Black authors
Kurt Vonnegut b also b solid
This system never go soothe we
Like kiddie e b colic
So fuck it all
Mek u no read seff
Go the mountain top den think
How ministers dey get so rich
Before we even blink
Distinct the stink of mink
Wink and sip ma drink
Dishes klink n sink into the sink
My sponge b pink
Nkrumah had to die
Coz independence was a lie
E see am plus e eyes
As e look down from the sky
White lies told with black star lines
Am surprised we still pray that our stars align