Official music video for ‘Crown Of Clay’ by Vector, M.I Abaga featuring Pheelz.




[Intro: M.I Abaga]

My father told me when I was around, the day
He took me to the river sat me down to pray
Right there in the water to the sound of pain
From the mud he fashioned me a crown of clay
It’s why no one can ever take this sound away
Took me to the water sat me down to pray
And right there by the river to the sound of pain
Form the mud he fashioned…


Welcome to the blood line of the black kings
Real life black scenes
The Black church black thought black sins
Uganda, Bobi wine, “magazines”
News flash but old news
Like since
We can’t speak – Judge me – my genes
A’n soro soke (we are speaking up)
S’an gbo loke? (Are they listening up)
quite mean
But you can’t hold the voices
Some of them go burst out!
We have way too many voices me this is CLUB HOUSE!
I’m African and blessed
I hold it down even when I face stress
The kind of punches wey fit make your face press
I mean if life is a bitch then this is sex
It’s Big Dick energy when I flex
I think them scared of me is my guess
What’s beef to a man from the west?
(Cow boy)
heart to a man with the chest?
(How boy)
Treasure wey I carry deep within
But society in getting in-between
The thing long like many limousines
But I Dey
King no Dey japa
People of opobo
This King ja ja
story of a slave to a king
Barrack boy wey Dey relate many things
No be ahsawo if i mate many queens
You see this crown of clay’s really a thing



Only Gat the grind in my system
Many water pass wey for down men
Nothing shakes the strength of a black man
(Black Man)

In me,
Blood of my forefathers in me
Steady chasing that paper daily
Orishirishi men dem be tryna
But odeshi dey for my brown skin

You see the young kings
Odeshi de for my black skin

[M.I Abaga]

Welcome to the bloodline of the black Queens
Who birthed the black dream
From their black hips then covered us with black wings
Women with the heart of a king like drag queens
My mother told me wash your head in the black streams
For the soil on which you toil has gasoline
Born in the water the fire, that steam
By the river side where niggas dey high the grass green
If they mess with you they get one eye like black beans
The Ancestors are starting to speak more loudly
Proudly I listen to what they saying about me
We all sinners but God was in us before the sent us on slave ships and consecrated Israel and Saudi
That means our villages are holy grounds
Traditions and our names they all are holy sounds
The wealth that’s in our continent was stolen out
But what they going do with me when they can’t control me now
When I rap is like the sun go dark
I discovered hidden flows tell me who the fuck is mungo park
white supremacists? shit! uncle park
You talking to a Black King with a disgruntled heart,
My nigga King!