Music video by Kofi Kinaata performing ‘Thy Grace’. Song produced by TwoBars. Video directed by Babs Direction. (C) 2021. Team Move

Guitars: Stephen Woode
Mixed and mastered by Kindee


English translation of Thy Grace:
It’s the earnest wish of someone that I’ll be unable to afford the basic necessities of life
That’s the secret prayer of someone

It’s the expectation of another that tragedy befalls me
Such that I’ll be feeding on the poor prison diet
That’s the secret prayer of someone

That I am forlorn such that no one even wants to give a listening ear to what I say

That no one pays attention to what I say in my music
But for you Oh Lord
Gracious God if not for you

We face death all day long but we survive those death traps daily
They laugh with us but behind the smiles are evil intentions

They wish our joy turns into grief
How we survive their traps fill them with astonishment
This leaves them with sleepless nights

Whilst in our sleep, they also raise incantations against us
But they all end in vain

If the trap setter’s plots have failed and I appear not scratched

But for you Oh Lord
Gracious God if not for you

What I hardly understood from the plots of the enemies, upon reflection,
But for you Oh Lord

Gracious God if not for you

Maaaama aaa Maama!

Never leave me out of your prayers Auntie Ama, let my name be topical in your prayers

Because of what I’ve witnessed, if I detail them you’ll marvel

It makes you wonder if being able to afford the basic needs of life is the way to go or inability to afford them is the way to go

Is giving alms the right thing to do or neglecting the plight of the needy is the way to go?

I ponder
We are being extra cautious

For the enemy I know so left with him alone, I fear not but the friend of the enemy who is a mutual friend who has privileged information about me

Close associates with a double-edged sword whose actions on us have both favorable and unfavorable consequences
And have done their worse to trap us

But for you Oh Lord
Gracious God if not for you