Two of African Music’s biggest Superstars stars have come together to form a new Super Group entitled – SAFWES GODS.

The group consists of none other than South African House Legend Heavy-K & Afrobeats Pioneer Fuse ODG from UK/Ghana. Representing both South and West Africa hence the name SAFWES, which has a double entendre as the name also means “Key” in the twi language. Fuse ODG – “Heavy & I have been blessed to open a lot of doors throughout our career for ourselves and a lot of other musicians, and that’s exactly what we intend to continue doing on this project by pushing the boundaries with our sounds”

On a Million is the first single from Fuse ODG and Heavy-K (SAFWES GODS) and it without a doubt delivers on the promise to push and explore the different sounds sonically. The record is a strong merger between Afrobeats, SA House and Amapiano. The music speaks for itself and is honestly hard to keep still to.

Heavy K – “after everything we’ve been through positive or negative we still here we have stood the test of time , meaning GOD carried us through out”

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SAFWES GODS (Fuse ODG x Heavy K) – On A Million

1st Verse

I know you have it in ya
Coz you’re a natural born winner
You for give them like they’re sinners
(Give them give them)
Ayayayaa it’s time to deliver

Release (12x)
Put the pressure on them
Release (3x)
Put the pressure on them
Release it on them

Chorus (4x)

That’s on a million o
That’s on a Million o done know (4x)

That’s on a million you done know
I put my money on you you’re the one o
That’s on a million you done know
I put it all on you you’re the one o (2x)

It’s Fuse
And Drumboss Heavy K
Hear the kick and the bass
Time to shut down the place
Raa Raa Raah
From Ghana to SA
London down to LA
Mr Hackett
It’s a worldwide movement
Drumboss bring it back let’s go