PHFAT x Mac Motel – Keep You Safe (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

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PHFAT and Mac Motel have teamed up with Cape Town director Rob Smith to launch their latest track, the nostalgic love jam Keep You Safe. The mellow music and quirky styling of the video counter PHFAT’s usual dark presence and sound, but the video’s ambiguities will run amok in viewers’ minds.

“It’s kind of an ode to all my high school crushes, you know? Like an ode to making mixtapes, and buying two tickets to a dance, and playing out whole lifetimes in your head while you daydream in maths class,” says the rapper. “There’s also an elusiveness to that high school crush and a loss of naivety that happens as a person works through it and grows up. I wanted to capture all of that.”

“I’ve been working on really smooth hip hop joints on the sly since about 2012; really just for me to listen to,” says beat maker Mac Motel, also better known for his darker work with Sedge Warbler and Dank. “I showed some of it to Mike and it was obvious that he’d been repressing some of his own inclinations to make some more mellow stuff. It was new territory for both of us sonically but it just felt like a rad match.”

Director Rob Smith kick-started his career directing Stereo Kids for The Plastics in 2012. More recently he took a three-year hiatus from music videos to establish himself as one of South Africa’s top advertising directors, winning 25 awards around the world. When he heard that PHFAT was sitting on fresh content, he jumped at the opportunity to return to his roots and indulge his quirkier side – an opportunity only a phone call away thanks to being the rapper’s high school cohort.

Velocity Films produced Keep Me Safe, which was shot by Pierre De Villiers and edited by Rob with Paul Speirs at New Creation Collective.… for downloads and purchase links

Full Credits:
Director : Rob Smith
Producer : Anco Henning
Line Producer : Lauren Seymour
Production Coordinator : Mvelisi Mvandaba
DOP : Pierre De Villiers
Focus Puller : Rhodi- Anne Buys
2nd Camera : Fabian Vettiger
2nd Camera Focus Puller : Jake Levy
Best Boy Grip: Karl Friedrich
Techno Crane Operator : Ibrahim Mia
Remote Head Tech: Sean Eddy
Gaffer : Tyron Mountjoy
Spark : Liam Drake
Spark : Don Hoffman
DIT : Rusty Ruthven
AD : Nic Eve
Unit Manager : Brian Landu
Unit Assist : Stefan Henning
Art Director : Jade Skully
Stylist, Hair and Makeup : Kaley Meyer
Stylist Assistant : Monique Du Toit
Casting Director : Mvelisi Mvandaba
Editor : Paul Speirs at New Creation Collective and Rob Smith
Visual Effects : Andrew Kerr at New Creation Collective
Grading : Kyle Stroebel at The Refinery, Cape Town
Sound Design : Keith at Pressure Cooker Studios, Cape Town
PA : Sune Van Heerden, Fritz Bucker & Joe Vettiger
Catering: Yummy Basket
Special thanks to : Velocity Films, Panavision Cape Town, Panalux Cape Town, MyFriendNed, Big Bird Films, New Creation Collective and Sea Point Swimming Pool

Franchesca Steenkamp
Louie Oosthuizen
Pierre Lurhukwa
Jesse Bredankamp
Jayden Ocks
Tharwaat St. Clair
Ann Wilson
Dorothea Tweedie
Pakama Ncobo
Isagho Phiri
Mathilda Young
Imran Isaacs
Jacob Goodman

PHFAT appearing courtesy of PHFAT
Mac Motel appearing courtesy of Mac Motel.