Ghanaian rapper Kula has finally released the video for his single featuring Medikal titled Meye Yie.

Kula uses the video to inspire street hawkers and upcoming musicians to never give up, as there is always a breakthrough close by.

In the music video, Kula plays the role of a street hawker selling FoodTech Ltd.’s “No.8 Snacks” in traffic. He meets a man who’s car is broken down by the road and helps him get the car started. In appreciation, the man buys some of the No.8 Snacks and asks Kula to keep the change. Kula then gives tbe man his Demo CD and introduces himself as a budding artiste alongside the street hustle.

The man takes a listen to the songs on the CD and loves Kula’s vibe. The next day, he comes back to the same place he met Kula and commends with for such great music while gifting him some cash to ho record in a professional studio. With the financial support, Kula now goes to a professional studio, records Meye Yie and gets excited over a twitter message he received from Medikal saying he will do a verse for the song. They then go ahead and shoot a video for the song as Medikal performs his part.

6Months Later, Kula meets his helper who has obviously upgraded in status since they last met in traffic. He is now driving a finer car and Kula also shares in the glory: pulling up in his own car as he showers praises on his helper.

Video directed by 3CUBES x DABAKER’S SON whiles production credit goes to Timmy with support and placement by FoodTech Ltd., producers of No.8 Snacks.




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