Adomaa – When it Swings (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

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I present to you, with mixed feelings, a project I have called “Letters to Joy” which is the culmination of my journal entries turned into songs. It is not exactly easy sharing some of my deepest thoughts with the world, but in light of the things that have happened to me recently, I feel this is needed first for me, and my sanity, but maybe also for someone out there.

My very first entry/song describes a typical mood swing, my fears and concerns about my career and how much my life has changed after being somewhat in the spotlight for the best part of two years. I yearn for the quiet simplicity of the days before Joy became Adomaa, but I also realize how much it has changed my life, and am still grateful for all the blessings that have come with it. It is a heavy burden, one I feel sometimes I did not ask for.

I am just being honest. Adomaa

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