Deej Mitchy Chudson

Deej Mitchy Chudson

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Her Royal Maskedness DEEJ MITCHY CHUDSON real name Michelle Nana Yeboah is one of the few disc jockeys in Ghana who is ready to break the status quo of disc jockeys just playing music to a crowd and making people understand that playing music is an art on its own and needs special attention just like any other.

Mitchy started her career in 2013 and has performed at different locations around the capital and also the prestigious CHALEWOTE STREET ART FESTIVAL in 2015 and 2016, which she described as one of the exciting days of her career so far and also hosted the MEMORABLE NIGHT PARTY with the Memorable Guys.
Mitchy is also the mastermind brain behind the syndicated EARGASM EDM SHOW. She currently is the CO-HOST of KONA LIVE WITH KACEY MOORE a weekly Accra Night Life show that showcases new school talents. Protection Status

Ghanaian Masked Disc Jockey Deej Mitchy Quits Xlive Africa Radio

Over the years Mitchy has come to identify with the ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC genre than any other and is on a quest to get the Ghanaian crowd to love this genre as well even modify it to suit our taste and vibe. On why she is MASKED, Mitchy revealed she is a very shy person and wanted to do something that will be artistic but at the same time avoiding stares from her audience, so she came up with the Masked Concept in 2015 getting inspiration form INTERNATIONAL EDM DJ DEADMAU5 but could not even implement it till 2016 due to reactions from Ghanaians.

On what the future is like for her as a DJ, Deej Mitchy Chudson is currently working on how to produce her own sounds as well as build her career steadily to be accepted and to be able to partake in festivals all over the globe and inspire others with her to do whatever they set their minds to because there is creativity in all of us.

Biography / Profile of Ghanaian DJ , Deej Mitchy Chudson

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